The Naked Truth With AnnaLynne: Ask Me Anything

This week, AnnaLynne wanted you to ask her a question on any topic. And boy, did the questions keep coming… There were so many in the end that AnnaLynne decided to film a video to answer them all. So without much further ado, here’s AnnaLynne answering ALL reader questions.


Main image courtesy of Edd Lukas.



  • Eric menasco says:

    Hi annalynne what’s your favorite thing to do can you fallow me on Twitter I’m a big fan my name is eric

  • Giovanni says:

    hey Ana
    I’m a huge fan of you, I support everything you do. Please keep in touch with your fans like doing videos answering our questions and stuff like that. God bless ya. Xo from Brazil.

  • Giovanni says:

    You are such a spiritualized person, do you recommend any book to our spiritual journey? You are such an inspiration

  • Kitty H says:

    Hy sweetie 🙂 I would like to ask what is your advice to anyone who wants to be an actress. 🙂

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