The Naked Truth With AnnaLynne: BREAST & VAGINA ANXIETIES

From Jess A

Hi AnnaLynne,

Firstly, thank you for tackling this subject matter. My question has to do with what’s normal and not in terms of vagina smell. It seems no matter how many times I shower, my vagina exudes an odor and I’m anxious about guys going down on me. Do you have any advice?

AnnaLynne says

Hello lovely,

Typically, an unpleasant odor is the body alerting us to the fact that something is not completely as it should be. If there are no other symptoms, the cause can be linked to a PH imbalance.

A common myth regarding the use of vinegar-based douche products (although, I advise staying away from all of them) can lead to such an imbalance and this will clear up on its own as long as you’re only cleaning with water and very delicate soaps. Of course, I’m not a physician so this is one of those things that a doctor will be able to advise you on more accurately. I would recommend you set up an appointment or at least a phone call to receive further professional direction.

But, of course this can create great anxiety. As women we tend to find that being sexy starts with feeling sexy. And feeling sexy means spa-day and grooming and body spray and shimmer and bronzer and lingerie and all those little things that make us each feel special and beautiful.

My advice, after clearing things with your OB/GYN, would be to go to the local adult store, browse the lube section, and purchase some flavored lubricants (I’m a strawberry-flavor girl myself). Before sex put the lube inside you and all around your entrance. You’ll feel better and he’ll have a yummy ’ole time!! SIDE NOTE: You may enjoy it on him while performing oral. Might I recommend a number just below 70…!

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From Rosa

Hello AnnaLynne

I have a lot of anxiety to do with my breasts. I’m a AA cup and when I take off my bra, it looks like there’s hardly anything there. Do you think breast size is to a woman what penis size is to a man? If a woman has really small breasts, is she seen as less feminine and desirable? Thank you.

AnnaLynne says

Hello Beautiful Lady!

I too share this feeling at times. I’ve had boyfriends make comments about other women’s tits, about me getting implants, etc., and it can make you feel just horrible inside.

What I now know is anyone who would be so inconsiderate as to belittle my littleness is clearly insecure and only capable of self-centered thought. These people are exes for a reason.

Moving forward, I have learned a valuable lesson as well. I could only attract negativity when I was down on myself. When I started embracing myself and my Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I realized the men with me embraced it too.

The feelings flare up once in a while, but I know I will get back what I put out. If I put out fear that men won’t find my tits desirable, men won’t find my tits desirable. But when I’m free and raw and sexual and owning me for all I am, I’ve noticed the desire is quite palpable and more importantly I enjoy myself freely because I’ve let go. Letting go is the most important key to a lasting and beautiful love life. I hope this helps!

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  • Jenna says:

    So few women in the spotlight seem to understand where all the so-called “real” women are coming from and can not only help us to understand how to embrace our individuality, but how to appreciate and love ourselves as we are. AnnaLynne is a true role model for women of all ages and her words resonate through my mind when I’m having a rough day. I wish there was a way to truly thank her for her hard work to change the way we all think and feel about our bodies.

  • Terry B says:

    I totally agree! I think she just needs to tone back the vanity/ego side to herself.

    • Jenna says:

      I truthfully have never thought she had a vanity issue, I see it more as she is just proud to be herself and I respect that. She has responded to me a couple of times and seems nothing but gracious with a genuine concern to help other women to have the same confidence in themselves and their bodies. Even if it were a vanity problem, I will not look down on some one who tries to boost other women’s egos as well. Besides, heck, if I looked like her I guarantee I would have a huge ego :P.

    • Rachel says:


      A woman with confidence is criticised for having an ego and being vain?! A man with confidence…not a problem at all. In fact it’s encouraged as a sign of masculinity.

      I think it’s sad that we as a society are conditioned to believe that women having body confidence and being self assured are negative traits. I wish there were more people like AnnaLynne around when I was growing up trying to inspire self love rather than self loathing.

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