The SheRa Body Rules

Now, here are some body rules we should all try and live by!


  1. I will look at myself naked in the mirror at least once a day and embrace my body for all it is. Lumps, bumps, discoloration, and the ‘dreaded’ cellulite…because everybody has these and as a friend once told us, “cellulite is just that cake that loved us too much to leave completely.”


  1. I will free my nipple(s) wherever I see fit—especially if it involves feeding my baby (kudos to ELLE Australia for showing model Nicole Trunfio feeding her son on the cover).
  1. If I want to grow my pubic and underarm hair until I can braid it, I will. And I will wear tank tops and bikini bottoms in public to show it off if I damn well please.
  1. I will leave nudie selfies for my partner around the house to remind him or her of what a spunky human being he/she goes to bed with every night (this is the only tip we take away from the selfie queen herself, Kimmy, who does this very thing for Kanye).
  1. I will fully grasp that most of the images I see of women in the media have been given the virtual nip’n’tuck via the old faithful Photoshop. Remember that and remember that most women don’t have waistlines the same diameters as their necks. (Here at SheRa Mag, we pledge to never Photoshop our bodies. We have very different body shapes and want to celebrate these and yours. Fashion Feminista endeavors to do the same. Yes, Viva is tall and slim. But that’s HER body. Vicky is short and—in her words—“meaty.” But that’s HER body).
  1. I will not let my body hang-ups rule my life or distract me from more important issues. If you have serious body image issues, deal with them. Sure, this is easier said than done, but this is IMPORTANT. Try to be honest with yourself and confront your problems head-on. Healthy mind = healthy body. Healthy body = healthy mind. You get the drift.

Real ‘girl’ Lena Dunham, lumps, bumps, & all (source: HBO)

  1. I will out any body-shaming (read: toxic) ‘friends’ that tell me (or imply) my body is not good enough, even though I’m a perfectly healthy weight range.
  1. I will find a way to be active that suits me rather than slave away at the gym if I hate this type of exercise. We’ve heard it all before. You pay a small fortune for a gym membership and then never go because you actually don’t like running on a treadmill that gets you nowhere in a hot, confined space. Find how you like to stay active and stick with it. Vicky likes to pound the pavement and let the wind chafe her face as she jogs (and she dances in her underwear in her bedroom like no one’s watching). Viva prefers yoga and long hikes with her dog Harriet.
  1. I will not count calories. Seriously, who has the time? And what an unhealthy way to live. Diet apps? Remove them from your phone right now.
  1. I will look after and be kind to my body. It is my vessel and I can’t separate myself from it. I will care about nutrition, be active, get enough rest, and treat myself. Repeat after us: If I don’t look after my body, no else will.

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