The Year in Review: Here are Your Favorite Posts from 2015!

Hey SheRas, with 2015 almost wrapped up, let’s look back at the stories that you got most excited about this year…

Dana Vulin is One Badass Warrior Princess



By far the most inspiring person we featured in 2015 was Dana Vulin, a woman who despite being set on fire and having her whole face reconstructed, remained a human being who knows exactly who she is. Read her incredible story here.

The Age of the Hairless Ball Sack



We talk a lot about the female body and body image here at SheRa Mag, but do we agree that there’s also a body image problem for men? Yep, and Uncle Dynamite’s humorous piece encapsulates how our obsession with hairless vaginas/ball sacks hurts us all. Read it here. (His counter piece about the ladies is also spot-on.)

FEMEN’s Inna Shevchenko: “I fight for the day when society feels guilty for its ideas about women’s bodies”
Ukrainian activist Inna Shevchenko, from the topless women's rights group Femen, poses in Paris

Source: Jacky Naegelen/Reuters

We’re totally behind feminist activist group FEMEN, and this year we were lucky to have the group’s fearless leader, Inna Shevchenko, pen a powerful essay for us on society’s unhealthy views of female bodies. Read it here.

Fat: It’s a Feminist and a Health Issue


Photo: Katie Soze

This was the most debated post of 2015, with comments of praise and disapproval pouring in. It’s a contentious issue, no doubt, so read the article and make up your own mind.
Wobbly Bits & Real Sex: Are Portrayals of Women’s Sexuality on TV Changing?

Source: HBO

Our readers love TV and body talk, so this post about the the changing portrayals of women’s bodies and sexuality on TV was a real winner. Check it out here.

Reinforcing Sexism: Women in Music Videos 


Whenever there’s an excuse to talk about Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda,” we take it. Readers got well stuck into this thought-provoking article about the overtly sexual performances by women artists, from Minaj to Katy Perry to (yep) Frozen’s Elsa. Read it here.

When the People Rise Up Against Social Media and Periods are Embraced


Photo: Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur posting a photo on Instagram—in which a girl (possibly her) lays on a bed with a stain of blood on her crotch—started a shit storm about, well, freedom of speech on social media. Luckily, Kaur won, but the whole fiasco sorely highlighted that menstruation is society’s last taboo.

It’s Time to Free The Nipple…Again


Source: Twitter

Just like social media can’t take images of menstruation, it also can’t take female nipples (male nipples are fine though). We steadily reported on the #freethenipple movement throughout the year, but this story of a 17-year-old student standing up for female bare chests particularly struck a chord with our readers.

Girls: Does Size Really Matter?



We asked, you answered. This fun little survey on “whether size matters” brought some not-so-surprising results. Check it out here.

Cactus Love Story


Photo: Antonio Beliveau

We were really excited to launch Viva’s blog, Fashion Feminista, this year…and her inaugural photo shoot set in the Californian desert was your ultimate favorite. Check it out here.


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