Toni Collette Takes on the Wage Gap in Hollywood

“Creativity is genderless. Money is genderless. We’re all human”, Toni Collette told HuffPost Live on Tuesday. “The [pay] imbalance is crazy.” In the footsteps of Patricia Arquette, Jessica ChastainJennifer Lawrence, and Amanda Seyfried, Collette is the latest A-lister to speak out about the topical wage gap in the film and TV industry. According to Slate, in Hollywood women earn approximately 40 cents to every dollar that men in the industry earn (yes, you might want to re-read that statistic and then check what year we’re living in)—a great deal less than the average 77 cents that women earn for every dollar that men earn in other industries (which is also, um, a joke!!)

“We can’t remain silent about it, it has to change,” Collette added about the limited roles and opportunities that continue to be offered to actresses. “There should be stories for all. As humans, we need to see ourselves. We want to be reflected in storytelling, so there really should be stories for all—all kinds of people, ages, races, sexes.” Damn f-in’ straight.

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