Top 10 “Neighbours” Sweethearts

Ahhhh Neighbours, the Aussie soapie with everything! We take a look at the top couples that called Ramsay Street home.

Scott Robinson & Charlene Mitchell

The ultimate TV golden couple of the 80s has continually remained the benchmark for Neighbours couples. It’s the Romeo and Juliet saga of Erinsborough—the tale of two children of two feuding families and their love affair. This super couple married whilst still at school, much to their parent’s dismay, but it was the episode of that wedding in 1987 that attracted 20 million viewers in the UK alone. Scott and Charlene (played back in the day by Kylie Minogue, the most successful of all Neighbours alumni) remain happily together with two children. Daniel, the eldest, is currently representing on Ramsay Street. This is what fairy tales are made of! Everyone say awwwww…

Toadie Rebecchi & Dee Bliss

2. ToadieDee


This is quite the journey. Take a seat, buckle in, and bear with us on this one… Dee meets Toadie and Joel in a bar. Dee starts dating Joel. They break up. Dee dates Darcy. Darcy’s having an affair and the relationship ends. Dee and Joel get back together, they move into Number 30 with Toadie, but that relationship ends when Joel goes on a diving expedition. Dee starts dating Stuart, the new housemate, but Stuart’s ex rocks the boat and then Dee briefly hooks up with Stuart’s mate, Ray. Toadie and Dee acknowledge their feelings, but Darcy conspires to split them up…and it works! But not for long because Dee and Toadie love each other and they get engaged. YAH! The wedding day arrives and they marry. They head off on their honeymoon. While sharing a kiss, Toadie takes his eyes off the road and drives off a cliff. Toadie escapes the wreckage, but Dee’s body is never found. Heartbreaking.

Toadie Rebecchi & Steph Scully

3. Steph and Toadie


This was a ‘will they or won’t they’ scenario from the start. But there’s no fairy tale ending here either. Biker chick Steph stole Toadie’s heart in the very early days of her moving to Ramsay Street, and once she became his co-presenter on the local university radio station, their meeting seems like destiny. But it wasn’t until many years later that Steph declares her love for Toadie and after a short courtship, Toadie proposes. However it’s not until their wedding day that Toadie’s realizes that Steph doesn’t really love him and leaves her to go travelling.

Lance Wilkinson & Amy Greenwood

He was a nerd and she was the most popular girl in school—a classic case of opposites attract. Amy’s nasty bunch of friends tried to sabotage this young love from the start, but she was not having a bar of it and love prevailed with Amy dumping her friends for Lance. But these two blondies were just not meant to be and spent the entire two years of their relationship breaking up and getting back together.

Ringo Brown & Donna Freedman

5. donna-and-ringo


It all started with a kiss at a kissing booth. And when you throw in an ex, an affair, a fire, a big party, and a betrayal, well… you know you’re in for a rocky ride. Once they finally sorted out their feelings, Ringo and Donna (played by Margot Robbie, who went on to bigger and brighter things and starred as Leonardo DiCaprio’s trophy wife in The Wolf of Wall Street) decided to wed! But even their wedding day didn’t go according to plan with Donna’s car breaking down and her having to get to the wedding in the back of a truck. Their wedded bliss was extremely short lived as Steph Scully struck down Ringo on her motorbike and he died. Gasp!

The Kennedy’s – what a romantic bunch!

Karl and Susan Kennedy

6. Karl_and_Susan


Officially the longest running Neighbours couple, this is the story of country folk moving to the big smoke with their three teenagers in tow. But it’s been no easy road. Karl and Susan separated after Karl had an affair, Susan suffered amnesia, they got back together, they broke up again, Karl fathered a child with Izzy, Susan remarried, became a widow and gained three stepchildren, Susan and Karl got back together, had wedding number two, and now… well they have a revolving door for any number of Ramsay Street teenagers living with them at any given time. Phew.

Billy Kennedy & Anne Wilkinson

7. Billy and Anne

This teen couple really tugged on the heartstrings and captured the hearts of viewers around the world. These two were literally the boy and girl next-door golden couple. A relatively trouble-free relationship, Anne and Billy (played by Jesse Spencer who later found fame in the States and starred in House) only had problems when Billy’s swim partner developed a crush on him and they shared a brief kiss, which Anne witnessed. However, the happy couple left Ramsay Street together and has apparently remained as a couple, wherever they may be!

Libby Kennedy & Drew Kirk

8. Drew_and_Libby


Drew, the softy-spoken and gentle mechanic took far too long to express his feelings for Libby, then far too long to propose, then far too long to make it to the altar. But they got there in the end and who can forget the shirt he wore at their wedding. Eeeek! Marital bliss didn’t last long as Drew pursued an affair with Steph, Libby’s best friend. And just when things couldn’t get worse for poor Libby, Drew had a horse-riding accident and left her a widow and a single mum. 

Malcolm Kennedy & Danni Stark

Danni’s crush on Malcolm started as soon has he turned up on Ramsay Street, but his moodiness and resentment towards moving there in the first place meant he was not up for entertaining the idea of love. Eventually his feelings for Danni developed and the couple shared their first kiss, at a good old-fashioned Aussie BBQ. As far as Neighbours relationships go, this was quite a steady, solid one with Mal and Danni moving in together. It was only after Mal went to university and Danni remained back in school to repeat her final year that their lives took different paths and they drifted apart.

Lou Carpenter & Harold Bishop

10. LouHarold

Lou and Harold aren’t a traditional couple by any means but we can’t go past their love/hate relationship. Nerdy, stuffy ‘Jelly Belly’ Harold and outgoing Lou were forever at odds, beginning back in their school days when they were both vying for the heart of Madge. The love triangle continued for some time but it was Harold who finally won Madge’s love…but not before Lou proposed and declared his unwavering love for her on her deathbed. After she passed away and Lou’s wife Cheryl was killed trying to save their daughter Lolly, Harold and Lou become even closer—they lived together, went into business together, and Harold even donated a kidney to Lou. Theirs was the ultimate bromance!

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