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What if your sanitary products were not only comfortable and affordable, but could also better the world? Well, this is exactly the idea behind our favorite new sanitary pad range, Tsuno.

Tsuno is the brainchild of Roslyn Campbell, a Melbourne woman who decided to boycott Western sanitary products back in 2013. After hearing a representative from the charity One Girl—which sets out to educate girls in Africa on a range of issues, including menstruation—speak at her uni, Campbell became interested in the relationship between design and sustainability.

“I did research into traditional pads and tampons—the materials, processes and their disposal—and found out how much ends up in landfill,” Campbell told Broadsheet earlier this year. “I thought I could make the existing product better. I found that the cotton-growing industry is bad for the environment, and how much plastic and synthetic materials go into a lot of the other brands of pads.” (Read this essay Campbell penned for mamamia.com to find out more about her incredible mission.)

Tsuno_Ruth Clifford 2

Photo: Ruth Clifford

The range—which spans regular pads, overnight pads, and panty liners—is made from sustainable bamboo, which is softer than cotton and can naturally absorb more moisture. What’s more, the pads are wrapped in biodegradable plastic, and no chlorine or dioxin bleach is used in the manufacturing process. They are completely disposable = good for the environment.

But it gets even better. Campbell’s range is not only sustainable, but also seeks to empower women: 50% of Tsuno’s profits are donated to the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA), a feminist-based organization which runs programs to help women in the developing world.

And last but not least, we’re not complaining about the packaging either. We SheRa girls heart pretty things and these gorgeous boxes brighten up our bathrooms beautifully. The idea is for the packaging to be designed by different Australian artists, with the boxes pictured designed by Erin Lightfoot, a prints designer from Brisbane.

Sadly, the range is only available for SheRas in Australia, but we’re hoping it expands worldwide soon. Check out the list of stockists here or you can also buy the entire range online. You can even order one of these adorable heat packs, your new best friend when you’re cramping or cold! Who says periods are a pain?


All images courtesy of tsuno.com. Main image taken by Ruth Clifford. 


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