What’s Malia Obama Doing on the Set of “Girls”?

(First of all, what is that blue drink she’s got in her hand??)

Rather than a political career in DC, it seems Malia Obama—the eldest of Barack’s two daughters—has her sights set on showbiz! And who better a female entertainment entrepreneur role model than Lena Dunham? But 16 year-old Obama isn’t jamming with Dunham and the girls in front of the camera, she’s working behind the scenes as the show’s new intern!

As it turns out, this isn’t baby Malia’s first TV gig—last year she interned on Halle Berry’s show Extant.


In TMZ’s words, “Kid’s got this Hollywood thing down—it’s all about who ya know.”

(We’re having major blue-drink FOMO over here btw…)

Photo courtesy of inagist.com.




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