Woman’s Husband Hired a Hitman to Kill Her: She Reveals All on Reddit

Source: reddit.com

The latest trending AMA on Reddit is by a woman who’s husband hired a hitman to kill her. But before the brutal act was executed, the police intervened and staged her fake death (a “sting”) before putting her hubby behind bars for 10 years. The woman goes by the name of “UnfinishedJigsawPuzz” because “I just don’t want this AMA to be the first thing to show up if someone happens to google me.” She has opened up the platform for people to ask her (almost) anything. Naturally, the questions are firing.


Source: reddit.com

Sounds like something that only happens in movies? Jezebel states: “The mods have verified that her story is true and UnfinishedJigsawPuzz even points out that she tried to do this AMA before, but that she was told to take it down because it might have interfered with her case.”

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